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Who are we?

AV Custom Install specializes in Home and Lighting Automation, audio, video, home theatre Home technology as well as commercial applications like: Wine Estate, Restaurant & Conference Facility audio video technology. We work with you, your architect, interior designer and builder to create the perfect custom solution for you.  We will integrate the latest technologies that complement your lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget.  At AV Custom Install we believe that having a great system is not only for the rich and famous. Whether you are looking for a single component or the dedicated custom system of your dreams, we can help!

The company was originally started in 1994 by Marius Oosthuizen.  Key to our success has been the belief that every project is a unique opportunity to create a customized solution for our customers. This, together with our meticulous workmanship from our custom installation team, has ensured that we have built strong ongoing relationships with our clients during the past years.  Word of mouth is still our best way of getting new business leads.

We are Home & automation technology professionals.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Designing Custom solutions for future ready homes Working with the end User, Architect, Interior Designer and Building team to establish your unique Custom Solution. Providing the required Documentation for the building/renovation process (including conduit layouts, design documents, and at the end user operation documents)
  • Installing technology Infrastructure for Home Automation, TV, Home theatre, Multi-room audio, Network systems and all home technology.
  • Installing Plug & Play Equipment Supply and installation of all equipment for these designs.
  • Commissioning and Handover of systems according to specifications.
  • Support and maintenance Full support and maintenance of all products and systems throughout the product life cycle.
  • Upgrades with new trends and models.
  • Personal Attention to the finest detail.
  • Complete Project management solution.

What is Custom Install?

Custom Install means that we create a Technology System for your personal requirements.  We make the technology disappear and integrated with your home, together with an easy user interface.  Whether that is simply a flat screen and speakers fitted to a wall with hidden cabling, or whether it’s multiple components around the whole house for a completely integrated home entertainment, lighting and automation system, it’s still a system just for you.  We can advise you on what is possible and help you create your vision.  We can also turn that vision into reality.

Imagine the possibilities! Browse through your movie collection from your favorite chair.  Relax in the bath listening to your favorite music.  With the simple touch of one button before climbing into bed you activate your alarm system, switch off all indoor lights and TVs.  Our solutions can achieve the seamless integration of video, music and home automation systems.

We specialize in using the most innovative technology to make installation quick and cost effective.  For example, our multi room audio solutions do not need heavy speaker cables run from room to room.  Similarly, our lighting control solutions are a simple replacement of the switch with a controllable module.  There is no rewiring and no expensive central control unit.  Let us talk to you about your options, and what we could do for you.

In some situations physical wiring is the best solution.  Whilst this is easiest done along with other renovations, much can be achieved with minimum disruption to your life and décor!  All of our solutions use flexible industry standard components, such as Data and Wi-Fi, which can form the basis of your whole house integration.  Non-cabled areas can bridged wireless, cables hidden under skirting, through the garage, in the loft, under floorboards, and ribbon cables laid under carpets and even wooden and ceramic floors.

The key to seamless integration is control.  With a typical home having a DSTV, audio amplifier, Movie & Music player, Network server and a display (TV, or projector), you quickly lose count of the remote controls! And that’s just in one room… The answer is a smart phone/tab and touch screen remote control system, even audio streaming & control!  This is much more than a single controller for all the devices.  It enables us to program the screen to lower, the projector turn on, the amplifier to turn onto the right source, the curtains to close, the lights to dim, and the Movie playback to start, all with the press of just one button.

The process starts with a consultation and a site survey.  It’s essential to know what your requirements are and what can be achieved and how much ‘installation’ will be required to achieve it. We will discuss the options and what it will mean for you, both in terms of end results and the installation work. From this discussion, we can draw up a full system specification to whatever level of detail is appropriate. This is vital to ensure that you have clear picture of what to expect during the installation and what the final outcome will be.

The next step involves the bulk of the work, installing the required infrastructure and configuring any wireless components.  Additional services like satellite TV or fiber internet are installed at this stage.  In-wall and in-ceiling speakers mounting brackets are installed and cable runs.  Once this is complete, the selected plug & play equipment is installed, along with making good décor and the programming and configuration of the system.

The final part is handover, client training and after sales back-up and support.

CEDIA – International Membership

AV Custom Install is a Founder Member in South Africa of CEDIA (Custom Electronic and Installation Association)  CEDIA is an international governing organization setting the training and compliance standards for this industry.  We also attend regular international training and new technology conferences.  http://cedia.co.uk/

Our Team

The company was originally started in 1994 by Marius Oosthuizen. He is an Electronic Engineer with an additional Business Management and Project Management BCom degree.  He was qualified and worked in the Arms Industry for 14 years on high technology Military and Space systems after which he started this company.  His wife Susan is also part of the business and involved in the admin and office administration.

We have Installation teams consisting of Technical specialists qualified in the following disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Programming
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Technology and new gadgets
  • Team work